I got a new haircut!  I go through these phases where I just need a drastic change, or something to make me feel refreshed about my look.  The way I usually do that is with a new hairstyle at least once a year (maybe once every couple years?).  I think I’ve cut bangs twice in the last couple years, and this time I went for bangs again plus a short length!  I was inspired by Nicole Richie’s new do.  Obviously I look nothing like Nicole Richie, but I just loved the hair cut and the fresh look and so I just went for it. (see inspiration below)

images from uk.omg.yahoo and instagram

images from uk.omg.yahoo and instagram

I think I need my bangs to grow out a little more, but my hairdresser/stylist/cutter/whatever insisted that they be cut a little shorter since bangs grow out so fast.  I like the haircut and it’s a totally different look and can definitely get misconstrued as Edna Mode-ish from the Incredibles haha (see below)

image from fanpop.com

image from fanpop.com

Well, here’s the unveiling of my new haircut!  I think that I will like it even more as the bangs grow out a little bit.


So I wanted to share some of the things that came up during this most recent trip to the hair salon.  I was told/lectured about how damaged and weak my hair was (as is always the case, does this happen to anyone else?? haha).  They went on to tell me that I (and most Asians in general) have oily scalp and that oily scalp causes your hair to grow out weaker.  They also told me that oily scalp and putting oil in my hair is actually bad for it, causes bad build-up and will make my hair fall out!!! gasp!!  Especially after raving about Moroccan Oil (see the post here) and using it religiously for years now, I felt like my world was turning upside down.  I was also heart broken that this product that I felt was almost life changing was in fact bad for me (my hair).  I desperately asked if it’s true for all oils, or if Moroccan Oil is an exception, and they said no.  They said Moroccan Oil is actually not good for your hair! :(

They told me to use shampoo for oily hair.  They said contrary to what I may think (since my hair tends to feel dry), I should be using shampoo for oily hair because of my oily scalp.  They went on to say that clarifying shampoos are ok for me (and Asians and others with oilier scalps) on a daily basis (even though the bottle says it’s to be used once per week).  Apparently your hair’s natural sheen comes out when your hair is clean and free of build-up.  They said that since I have so much build-up in my hair it will take a long time (months) for my hair to get clean and rid of the build-up.  One of the ladies working there said she doesn’t even use conditioner and sometimes shampoos multiple times a day!  (She is also Asian and claims to have exceptionally oily scalp/hair).  Her hair is actually quite healthy and shiny to her testament.

Needless to say, I was ashamed and shocked by my apparently blasphemous ways of treating my hair.  I’ve let these things soak in and have done some research.  I have found multiple sources that claim that Moroccan Oil and oils in general are not good for your hair.  Some say that the older sentiment of oil being good for the hair no longer applies because we have different water, weather, appliances, pollution, etc.  Some say that the oil initially gives the shine we want and then causes it to get drier, more brittle after use which makes us reapply the oil and on goes the vicious cycle.  Some say it’s the other additives in products like Moroccan Oil that are bad for your hair.  (sources: http://www.rockying.com/a/55 , http://www.beautylish.com/t/vvgpi/moroccan-oil-bad , http://www.makeupandmacaroons.com/2011/07/moroccan-oil-is-it-no-longer-cool.html , http://thebeautybrains.com/2012/03/17/moroccan-oil-hair-treatment-look-at-the-label/ , http://thebeautybrains.com/2009/07/08/is-moroccan-oil-good-for-hair-and-skin/ )

I actually really like the post written by makeupandmacaroons.com and the blog/website thebeautybrains.com.  Thebeautybrains.com is written by cosmetic scientists that help us decipher what’s actually in all these products we use and has some interesting posts I’d like to go back to and read.

After this roller coaster of emotions over my damaged hair I’ve finally come to a conclusion.  The hairstylists/dressers were obviously a little over zealous and clearly trying to make a point about my use of oil in my hair, but there is truth to what they are saying.  I think that I need to be an educated consumer and now I know what’s in Moroccan Oil and I feel that I am going to cut back on it’s use for now (I am actually fasting from it indefinitely).  I don’t think that it’s absolutely horrible to use Moroccan Oil especially if it’s in small amounts and only on the ends of your hair.  However, it may be a good idea to do an extra lather and rinse when you do use it.

Since my hair cut I’ve actually stopped using conditioner and have been using my clarifying shampoo on a daily basis.  The only other thing I’m using now is a hair lotion spray before blow drying.  What I’ve noticed even within the first day is that I no longer have chunks of hair falling out in the shower!  There is significantly less shedding!  (Although it may be less noticeable since my hair is shorter?)  I normally used to shed literally chunks of hair all the time and hairballs would find themselves in all sorts of places in our house.  I think the first few days I didn’t really shed much at all in the shower!  For the first time yesterday I noticed that I shed about 5 hairs.  That is very significant for me, and I feel that it’s definitely in line with what my hairdresser told me.  I am going to keep on with this clarifying shampoo only routine for a little while and see if I notice any other significant changes.  I will keep you all posted!


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